Did it, loved it!

This has been a hard but fun job, incredible time pressure but I have been working with great people which obviously made the hard bits much lighter to bear. In the photo above you see a sneak peak of a couple of pages from the very first version of the food catalogue; the colour scheme is white, cream and natural, light wood which gives it a very light and airy feeling, far from how it has been made so far. I have shot live lobsters that didn’t stay still, oysters, Iranian Beluga caviar, white and black truffles, fish, giant shrimps, lots and lots of starters and festive foods and it has been fun to shoot food that I normally don’t see that much of. Well a truffle or two do pass our threshold but that is about it.

I have been working with two different food stylists and I cannot tell you how much I learnt from them and how luxurious it felt to have someone do all that job for me and doing it so much better than I ever could! Not to talk about all the laughs we have had, I must say that although the stress was pretty tangible at times, the atmosphere was always friendly and positive and that made us work so much better.

Garnish garnish garnish, an astounding amount of different garnishes have been used and I got a lot of new tips how to style and garnish food for photo shoots.

I also learnt that even though you have lots and lots of props, they are never, never enough!

anyway, the catalogues are finished, at least the photos but my work with the company in question and Armando Testa will continue which is good, both because I’d like to do it again and because it shows that they are satisfied with my work.

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25 thoughts on “Did it, loved it!

  1. This is so beautiful Ilva. Every time I browse through your website I am left in awe and envy! Your vision is right on the pulse! Well done. Respect.

    All good wishes,
    Silvana de Soissons

  2. Ilva, it seems so interesting and fun! Congrats again!

  3. Yay for you Ilva… you are inspiring and immensely talented! It shows… YES!!

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  5. oh congratulations ilva! That is so exciting, and the catalog looks like it is going to be beautiful. I will have to see if I can get them to send me a copy here in the USA, I would love to see how your work all turned out!! : )

  6. Congratulations! These peeks are tantalizing. It will be beautiful! xox

  7. Told you, you are a STAR! This proves it once again, true talent = truly gorgeous! xx

  8. Congrats on a job well done!

    Paz xoxo

  9. First time here on your blog. Congratulations for the wonderful work and talent.

  10. Love the light and airy feel – not simple to shoot but you did such a great job! Must have been fun working with a team.

  11. Gorgeous work! You are truly so talented!

  12. ilvaberetta on said:

    Thank you to you all, I do think you are exaggerating a bit but what the heck, I’m absorbing it all like sponge! thanks again!

  13. Just beautiful, Ilva, beautiful! The colors are gorgeous and you are an incredibly talented photographer that inspires so many of us! I am thrilled to have been behind the scenes with you and hearing how you lived this experience. You are on your way up fast!

  14. Francesca on said:

    Bravissima Ilva! You truly inspired me and have started photography again – perhaps you could give me some advice about getting into “food photography” if you don’t mind. You might like to have a look at the blog that I recently started: http://asaucepanandasuitacase.blogspot.com

    Two of your recipes I’ve made were great!

  15. you are such an inspiration!
    tells us some of your tips :)

  16. Love getting a peek at it! I could really use a food stylist around here, lol!

  17. soothing photography, very transparent I love it! Great job Ilva!

  18. granivoren on said:

    Bravo!! Klart att du gjorde ett jättebra jobb, fattas bara annat!

  19. Congratulations, you are so talented in what you do! I love your work (but you know that) to bits.

  20. Congrats Ilva, what an accomplishment, take in all the praise you truly deserve it!

  21. ilvaberetta on said:

    You spoil me you know, hopefully I will be able to fight that little red devil sitting on my shoulder. Thank you so much!

  22. That’s great Ilva!
    Hope to meet you next time you’re in Milan ;)

  23. Ilva thanks for taking us along on the journey with you – it’s been so interesting + a lot of fun!

  24. Sara Rosso on said:

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you in action :) but it sounds like you’ll be coming to Milan more often? Hmm? Hmm? :)

  25. Fantastiskt kul! Vad härligt att din talang och allt ditt arbete uppskattas. Lyxigt att inte behöva fixa precis allt själv. Det ser ut att bli väldigt snygga bilder! KRAM/Eva

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