Day 24

24/365 paper.jpg

This is a small fraction of the purple section of my background papers that I use when I shoot food. I have sheets of different types and sizes of paper, some just coloured, other with patterns.


4 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. One that has the paisley design and you used it for a photo of an apple. That’s my number one love. I even went to look for something like it but never found one. I came home with some really ugly papers, which I didn’t realize were ugly till I came home and too photos with them. LOL! That was the end of my search. 😉 There’s one store that may carry nice paper but it is out of the way for me and I haven’t had a chance to go there yet.


  2. aha, I think I have two like that but I suppose it+s one with a bit of red in it? Is that it?
    But maybe it was the combination with the food that made them ugly, somtimes I start out with one paper but I hav to change becauseit+s too ugly!

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