Changes are due


You might have noticed that this project of mine, 365, is not going on. There are several reasons to this, the main one was that when I started to feel the pressure, I got obnoxious as usual and just stopped. The reasons to why I started to feel it more as a pressing duty are several but let’s stop at this. What I do realize more and more though is that I need a blog where I just can post about photography. And what it means to me. Just that and without the pressure of doing or posting something every day.

I am at the moment eagerly waiting for my new camera (Nikon D300) to arrive tomorrow, I dream about it in one way or another every night. Camera fever maybe but most probably because I know how long it takes to get to know a new camera and how nervous I feel in the beginning, it is like getting to know a new person who you been longing to meet (not that I can remember feeling like that about people, only about cameras); I have learnt to thread lightly in the beginning, to get to know it gradually and by trying out it’s potential slowly over the time, when I have gained confidence I pass onto a new aspect of what it can do. So tomorrow, new camera.

I need it, since my ‘old’ one got tired and handicapped, I have felt uninspired, my extra camera is a good companion in the sense that it always does what it has to do but I have no relation to it and I believe it is of vital importance for a photographer to have some sort of bond to her/his camera(s). I don’t mean to anthropomorphize my camera but I need to be in tune with it. Maybe that’ why I am nervous about my new camera, will I bond with it?


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