Bad bad girl

I have had a stint of computer and camera aversion lately, I can’t say that I am particularly cured but at least I have shot some new photos. And that’s a step forward.


It is normal to feel uninspired now and then I would say but I am not used to not feel like taking photos. Or rather, not seeing photos when I see the world around me. Sometimes I have to disconnect that seeing thing because it annoys me and prevents me from relaxing. But that’s not the problem right now, quite the opposite…

Anyway, I have to start working on the exhibition now when it has been confirmed, first thing is to book the ticket to Sweden, then start working on the photos and things concerning them. Being my first photo exhibition, here are so many aspects I never really thought about and that keep popping up in my mind. Anyway, the 9th of september is the opening night so I don’t have that much time left.

natural composition


4 thoughts on “Bad bad girl

  1. Phases of a dull inspiration lead to periods of frantic photography. Often at night I will sit working on some image or other and say to myself, ‘tomorrow I will get that shot I promised myself yesterday to do today’.
    Do we always think tomorrow?

    Keep up your spirits for it is only you that will drive you to greatness.

  2. I just want to say that your pictures are fantastic, all of them, I have been looking at them for many days now. The way you use the light, how do you do it? And the colours, it is like impressionistic art, fabulous

  3. Valentine- Thanks, onwards, always onwards!

    Tanna-Ha ha yes, that’s real mean!

    Alveva-Thanks a lot! I appreciate your generosity a lot!

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