Sometimes I stop and take a very careful look around me and I see so many things to photograph. This morning I stood still for maybe 5 minutes and looked carefully on small plot of of earth that slopes down on a wall that I pass when I take out the dog for his morning walk and I shot 5 photos that I really like, well two of them are similar but still, if this is the case with every square meter I pass, think about how many shots I just never will manage to do. Just as well I think, talk about getting to much stimuli, my brain would burn out in an hour or two.

Finished the vernissage/exhibition invitations yesterday, I can’t really understand how I managed to make a viewable pdf of it, I couldn’t remember a thing of what I was doing. But I am the luckiest of people, having a great great friend who helps me and prints cards and take the time to listen to my ramblings and stupid questions. I might not be rich but I have great friends!



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