Closing in

green window

I wouldn’t be honest if I denied that I am beginning to feel a bit nervous about the exhibition. One reason to that is that the gallery owner had some wishes to what should be exposed, he is obviously interested in my photos selling so I have had to include some photos that I maybe wouldn’t have included if I have had total control. The eternal dilemma commercial-non-commercial. I would never exhibit photos that I couldn’t stand for, that’s not the problem but rather that I like my less attractive photos more.

Anyway, I have more or less decided on which photos to include, a tough choice,  I still have 4 to collect tomorrow afternoon and then I will make the final decision because on Thursday morning I am handing them over to my ‘passpartouist’! and then I cannot do much more than try to decide which wine to buy for the vernissage.


4 thoughts on “Closing in

  1. I understand your dilemma. You have a “vision” of the show, but you have to be sensitive to the gallery owners wishes… but I’m sure it will be a success, with your beautiful photos. I hope I’ll see you there!

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