Still searching……


…for that blog voice. There are so many things that I feel that I could and would like to write about here but I am more used to express myself through my photos than to talk about photography.
The five days in Sweden have worked wonders for my, then, low energy level and the fact I have an exhibition to work towards inspires me a lot. I will even take my portfolio and make some visits to potential exhibition venues here in Pistoia because this has given me a new self-confidence I never expected. And even will to promote myself. But first of all I have to start working seriously on a project proposed to me by the Italian artist Giovanni Scafuro who wants to make a combined exhibition/dinner with his forks and my recipes and photos. It is supposed to be an itinerant thing, beginning in Milan and then moving over the country. Quite interesting I think, don’t you?


4 thoughts on “Still searching……

  1. i was going to write the same sentence as above ! interesting ! let’s see what comes out of that ! If you do in Milano, I’ll take the opportunity to come and visit you exhbition and see my old good mother ! Keep me posted !

  2. Tanna-I’m sure you wouldn’t sleep anyway but at least you have something to else than bread to ponder….

    corinne-You obviously think alike you and Tanna! I will blog about the progress, but I still haven’t sat down and worked on it seriously…. better do that!

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