Now I have finally started to write seriously on the article about food photography that will be published in the next issue of National Photographer and I am actually enjoying it. I have to finish it this week so I better write on here. The hardest part is to choose which photos that will be used, they all seem so bad all of a sudden, I just don’t have any distance to them at all when I need to pronounce them as good enough. It’s the same all the time and I am a bit fed up with this attitude of mine even though it is good with a bit of humility. But not all the time.


4 thoughts on “writing

  1. Being too humble when judging your own work is only bad for you and makes the judging even harder. You should judge your work when you’re in a good mood, never when you feel below zero…

    I have the same problem when judging my photos, even though my photos are not nearly as good as yours! Which proves that the judging problem has nothing to do with the quality of your work, only with how harsh you are to yourself.

    Good luck, and be kind and encouraging to yourself!

  2. tanna-yes, to get the right distance to what we do is not easy!

    eva-Thanks! Yes at least I know that!

    Ursula-thanks, you are so right but if one has to wait for those moments you might loose a lot of good opportunities. I have opted for thinking that I must be better than I think in those moments, why would people ask me if not! That’s my mantra in those moments!

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