I’m on a photo request list of a women’s magazine here in Italy and when the photo editor sent me a request for a photo of necci the day before yesterday, I thought I just had to shoot something because necci is a speciality from the Pistoian mountains, the appennino tosco-emiliano, and I live on a hill not far from Pistoia with a fantastic view of the said mountain chain. If you don’t know what necci is and that wouldn’t surprise me, it is a chestnut pancake that you traditionally make with chestnut flour, water and a pinch of salt and then cook between two flat irons. When I took a look on the internet, I found this recipe by Mario Batali which doesn’t surprise me because he spent three years working in a restaurant right in the necci hot spot in the mountains between Pistoia and Bologna.

I shot the photo and they bought it straight away, it must have been the Pistoian vibes in it!


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