New kind of job

This week I have worked with something completely new to me: bedlinen, things for the bathroom and the kitchen well things for the home in other words and I have to confess that I was a bit nervous about it but it seems to have gone well. I worked with some great people who are professional about what they are doing and that made me feel safer.

As usual it was a question of keeping my own style but still meeting with the requirements of the client which isn’t always so simple, well doing what the client wants isn’t that difficult but doing that and at the same time shooting photos that shows that it’s me behind the camera can be tricky I find. You tell me if you think I managed.

Making the studio assistants work!

and here we have the stylists at work, below one of the final shots


12 thoughts on “New kind of job

  1. Du ser ut att ha lyckats utmärkt med kombinationen. För visst är det en sak att ta hänsyn till önskemålen men att ändå behålla det personliga – just det som gjort att de valt dig – är en balansgång. Dina bilder är professionella och samtidigt mycket du. Go girl!

  2. Ilva………..yes, it is you in all the photos above……you show harmony in lines and a playfulness with the girls making the bed, again lines……..hanging the curtains – again creating a balance between the people and the fall of the material that the girls hold up….lines and curves………you truly are an artist.
    And…….I can understand you being nervious ….. I feel the same when I decorate my cakes… has a certain idea and then it just materializes while you keep your vision that you have in your mind…..but, it is easier when no one is watching

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