alone or in team

One thing that I have realized since I started to work on this at the moment never-ending string of jobs is that I really enjoy team work.  Being as used to work all alone as I have been doing these last years, I was a bit apprehensive about having to team up with other people but I have discovered how nice it is and how much you can learn from other people while working together. Maybe I have been very fortunate to have met positive, generous and professional people. But I obviously isn’t such a loner as I thought and though I used to have problems taking photos while someone looking, I have been completely cured from that!

Of course, when I shoot for myself, I do appreciate to be able to compose and create after my own mind but when someone else is paying for what you do, it feels useful to have input from others and to have someone doing the styling in a way that would take you at least five times the time the stylists need. Plus I don’t have to find the props, just choose. and to have the fortune to work with an art director who is on the same wavelength and have the same vision is worth gold. But above all I find it quite useful to remove my ego when I start working to protect myself from possible bad feelings, you know the way you can feel when people have opinions about what you are doing so I try to keep that ego as far from the studio as possible and maybe that is why I like teamwork so much, when it works it is because noone’s ego is taking too much space!


4 thoughts on “alone or in team

  1. Vilken härlig insikt. Just när det gäller att fotografera kan det kännas svårt att ha många omkring sig. Men jag gissar att det är en vana. Kommer man igång, känner att det går bra och litar på sig själv kan det naturligtvis bli berikande att samarbeta. Så det gäller att våga! Vilken smarrig kaka på bilden…

    • ja jag är faktiskt förvånad över mig själv ska du veta! Fast det känns rätt bra att få pula med mina bilder i min ensamhet med måste jag erkänna.
      Det är pandoro du ser på bilden, snart är julen här…

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