Food at a cooking school

This past week I spent 4-5 hours at a cooking school here in Tuscany, Good Tastes of Tuscany, to photograph food for Four Seasons Magazine and as I have a few photos that I shot for myself, I thought I would share some of the chef making ravioli. The feature I was taking photos for talks about a Renaissance cooking class so I had the fortune to eat more or less authentic Renaissance food. The chef, Simone, is an inspired cook and we shared some nice hours discussing food traditions and, obviously as we are in Tuscany, the political situation in Italy. The ravioli you see in the photos are filled with sheep ricotta, figs and walnuts and then server with a simple sugo di salsiccia and I can tell you that the mix btweent he sweet filling and the salty sauce is fantastic. I also shot cinghiale in dolceforte, wild boasr in chocolate sauce, a symphony in sweet and sour and salt and then a sweet Zuppa inglese with not only vanilla custard that I am used too but also a chocolate flavoured one as well. But if you want to see those you have to wait until they are published later this spring!


One thought on “Food at a cooking school

  1. Underbar bildserie. Förutom att ravioliknytena ser väldigt goda ut visar du tillverkningen på ett bra sätt. Det varma ljuset och den gedigna känslan för hantverket får mig att vilja vara med just där. Kanske borde jag i alla fall plocka fram min pastamaskin från sin undangömda plats…Vilken unik upplevelse att få smaka mat lagad med renässansen som utgångspunkt.

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