Commercial photography

This is a cover photo I made for one of the food catalogues for Esselunga that I often shoot. After a bit to and fro they have apparently made up their mind on the approach they want and, above all, discovered which type of photography that sell the best, and I am happy to say that they now give me more or less free reins for many of the photos because those photos seems to be what sells most. The law of the market but when it favours me and my work, who am I to complain? Especially if I have agreed to work with commercial photography as well as editorial. It feels really good that they trust me and above appreciate my work so much that I can more or less do what I want, always within the limits obviously because after all, I have to adapt a bit now and then.


5 thoughts on “Commercial photography

  1. Instämmer med övriga – underbart foto. Även jag tar gärna plats vid det bordet…Kul att de har förtroende för dig och att du får mer fria händer. Jag tror att resultatet blir bäst när man slipper känna sig för begränsad.

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