Promotional photos

Last Monday I was up in Milan to shoot some promotion photos for a coffee shop, five photos of rather plain dishes that had to be made look appetizing and interesting despite the not so nice tableware, they had to be shot in the same style and they had to follow a certain design because of the layout of the graphics. It took some time to get it in the first photo we did but once we got it, it went smoothly and we did a quite good job or what do you think? It sure helped to work with  a talented food stylist as well. I enjoyed working with very few props and invent solutions out of nothing and I also learnt a lot about composing a photo within a rather tight layout. So it was all gain that day.


6 thoughts on “Promotional photos

  1. Vilken utmaning! Du har klarat den utmärkt, bilderna blev snygga och kakorna/rätterna ser lockande ut. Det gäller verkligen att inte bli stressad i det läget utan försöka göra det bästa med de begränsande förutsättningarna. Otroligt skickligt!

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