This is Andrea, AD at Armando Testa, with whom I worked this last job I did. I’m not a people photographer but when I saw the light and the shadows, I shouted Freeze! and jumped on my camera. Being a daylight photographer means that you often have to wait until the right light appears, if you’re unlucky it never comes.


Will it rise from the dead…


…or is this another a weak attempt? Time will show but as I feel a need to have a space dedicated to my job as a food photographer it would be stupid not to use this blog which I have neglected in the worst of ways. I suppose it has to do with my general decline in the blogging sector, I don’t blog much over on my food blog either but I do blog every week on the creative collaboration blog Plated Stories where I photograph and writer Jamie Schler writes every week on a different theme. We have been doing it for almost a year and half by now and it is still really fun although challenging, to produce a set of photos every week come rain, come sun, come work or no work. I think we can say it has had a certain success too, this year Plated Stories won a IACP Digital Media Award for the photography and it was a finalist in the Best Writing category of the Saveur Best Food Blogs Awards. But the best thing about it is to work with Jamie and having total freedom to shoot whatever I want, in the style I want as long as it is within the given theme!

OK, so now I have started, I will be back with updates, new and old about what I have been up to in this last year and a half!

all job no blog

Yesterday I came back from Milan after four intense days of work. I’m doing the the impact photos for two Christmas catalogues for a major food chain here in Italy, Esselunga, and this was just the start, I will be going up and down for another three weeks.

Sometimes you just have to go on intuition which was exactly was I did when I had to hire a photo studio in Milan, surfing on the net, I found a fantastic studio, Cantina Bovisa and after having talked with one of the owners on the phone I went for it and I do not regret it, it’s a great space and great people-I couldn’t ask for more could I?

We have been working something like 10 hours a day, me and the people concerned from the ad agency Armando Testa to shoot half of the photos needed for the first catalogue, next week we are doing the rest, then we start on the second catalogue which deals more directly with food and where I will have the help of a food stylist.

Leaving you with some photos from the studio