This is Andrea, AD at Armando Testa, with whom I worked this last job I did. I’m not a people photographer but when I saw the light and the shadows, I shouted Freeze! and jumped on my camera. Being a daylight photographer means that you often have to wait until the right light appears, if you’re unlucky it never comes.




I like darkness in my photos and I like darker food photography. The American food magazine Gourmet made lovely, dark moody cover shots for each issue for a while and I loved them but I remember reading complaints about the in the press and on food blogs and now they are back to the usual oh ever so light food photography that obviously is what we are supposed to like and look at. It is a pity though.
As much as I love light, as much as I search for it in my photos, I just think that subdued tones and shadows are such important aspects of light that we should use them more often when we take photos. Some food look better in dark surroundings, it is enhanced by it and conveys feelings that a lighter set wouldn’t be able to do. Shadows creates structure, structure adds a three dimensional feeling to a two dimensional media, light does the same but we have to be careful to balance light and dark, volume and surface and through it transmit a vision of what we see. Sounds all muddled but I do think it pays off to take a good look at the food and spend some time thinking about what you see and how you want to transmit this!